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"I was exhausted, overweight, and probably depressed.  I knew I needed to make changes but was overwhelmed with where to begin.  When I found out about Tracey's Clean Program class I was excited and hopeful.  I learned so much about food, health, and myself during the five week session and am so grateful for the experience.  By the end of the program I had lost 13 pounds, gained back my energy, and was genuinely happy.  I am so thankful to Tracey for guiding me through the program and helping with my transformation!"  Laura, age 44



"Doing the CLEAN program with Tracey has helped me reset and connect to my body with awareness and compassion. Through Tracey's supportive guidance, I have learned the art of eating mindfully and giving my body the foods it needs to help it thrive. I am thrilled with the long term changes the program has helped me establish, and as a cancer survivor I believe that the highly nourishing foods are helping me to stay cancer free."  Jennifer, age 40



"I was apprehensive when I decided to work with Tracey.  I knew it would be good for my body, but I didn't know the first thing about eating 'clean'. I have learned so much and Tracey has been sooo supportive.  She provided easy and delicious recipes and always answered my texts when I had a question from the organic aisle of the grocery store.  That really made a difference and helped me to succeed with the program.  I lost 10 pounds and have become aware of ingredient labels.  Although I am off the program now, I learned things about eating that I will use the rest of my life and will probably try to cleanse every January, at least."  Jayne, age 49



"This was one of the best things I have ever, ever done for myself.  It was a real eye opener in paying attention to how you feel, and best of all, Tracey taught us many things in addition to clean eating such as helpful mantras and meditations to help control the stress in our daily lives. I lost stubborn pounds, learned a lot and felt great!  I would do it again in a heartbeat, and probably will!"  Cindy, age 50



"Just wanted to let you know it's been over a month now and I've been able to keep the 10lbs off!  I'm excited about keeping the weight off because I was concerned about whether I would just yoyo back after the detox period. More importantly, I feel like I'm finding it easier to make smarter eating decisions. I feel like I am fueling my body's needs rather than stuffing it carelessly. I learned to read my body for true hunger vs emotional boredom.  My energy level is so much stronger."  Ela, age 42



"As I approached a very big birthday I wanted to do something for myself.  I was feeling extremely tired and no amount of caffeine would help.  I knew it was time to take charge of my unhealthy eating habits and turn things around for the better.  I signed up for the Cleanse program and even after the first week I never felt better.  Tracey was so supportive and helpful throughout the entire time.  It was such an eye opening experience about what I was putting in my body.  Even though my program is officially over I continue to eat healthy clean foods."  Carrie, age 40



"As you know, Jim and I dared each other to sign up for your course.  He had already started making major life changes - stopping smoking after more than 50 years and starting yoga.  Although we joked a lot, we stuck to the cleanse with no cheating and surprisingly did not have trouble with hunger or feeling deprived (except for my coffee cravings).  We had fun shopping for new foods and trying new recipes.  It wasn't hard to go 12 hours between soup at night and a smoothie the next morning. Your recipes and almost daily contact were helpful and encouraging.  I would recommend everyone try this cleanse.  And I lost about 10 pounds!"  Susan, age 64



"Thank you for inspiring me to make life altering changes in my diet! I don't think I will ever eat the same again. You did a wonderful job presenting the classes, you kept it casual and fun. I will tell anyone motivated to change their diet about your class. I am 63 years old and feeling much less than my age after my diet adjustments.  My weight loss continued after the class until I reached a plateau at 115lbs, 12 lbs less!"  Darlene, age 63



"I am long overdue in thanking you for being such a huge part of this amazing food transition. More than anything I have learned about food and its effects on how I function and how I feel.  Feeding certain foods back into my diet after the cleanse has been a great experience and has reinforced what I've learned about toxic effect of things like coffee , alcohol, sugar, red meat , refined carbs etc. I no longer refer to these as the great pleasures of life ! My taste buds have changed as predicted.  In fact, I never imagined that Quinoa could be so tasty!! You were informed, professional and made it fun. I am 75 and counting on my diet to help keep me around for quite a while longer!"   Moe, age 75



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